Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2002
  • Headquartered in Columbus, OH
  • Products and services support over 200 hospitals and ambulatory care sites
  • Manufactures Clarity Surgical Products
  • Manufactures CareTalk, the medical industry standard for wireless communication
  • Authorized video and audio integrator for major OEMs in the medical industry
  • Authorized distributor and installer of Mavig monitor and lamp booms


Consult. Design. Engineer. Integrate. Connect. Support.

Medical Solutions

Consult. Design. Engineer. Integrate. Connect. Support.

Medical Products

Consult. Design. Engineer. Integrate. Connect. Support.

Service Support

Consult. Design. Engineer. Integrate. Connect. Support.

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Core Values

We challenge the standard approach to bring positive change. 

We educate our customers with accurate information so they can make an informed decision.

We care about the overall health of the patient when adding a product or service.

We create repeatable and efficient processes to achieve excellence in all functional areas.

We respond to any customer's needs and concerns in a timely manner. 

Our Commitment

1Change Lives 
Improve patient care and safety through developing advancements in technology and services.

2Enable the Hands of a Physician
Equip physicians with advanced audio and video capabilities to reach the desired surgical outcomes.

3Create Product Trends - Not Follow Them
Develop new technologies and services that will forever change the landscape of the medical industry.


"As I'm doing surgery, I can just look up and see everything at the same time. I can watch all of the vital signs, brain recordings, and video of the awake patient performing their neurocognitive tasks simultaneously.

Previously, I would have to scrub out and go from one station to the next, looking at the monitors. The effort was effective, but now it is more efficient. It's making quite a difference for us in terms of being efficient and facilitating learning."

-Dr. Ali Rezai

Professor of Neurological Surgery

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